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Emotional Intelligence Matters

Emotional intelligence has been a hot topic the last decade for good reason.  In an economy where every advantage is needed to be competitive, finding ways to keep valuable employees engaged, productive and committed to company’s success is critical  Emotionally intelligent employees can give your business the edge it needs as well as giving your […]


When Do You Need A Coach?

There are many situations where a coach can be a great addition.  Whether you are considering a career move, want to develop better management or leadership skills, or are experiencing challenges or breakdowns in team performance; bringing in an outside expert can often give you the impartial perspective and insights you need.

Are You Ready to Be Coached?

The most important thing that will determine if coaching will be successful is you. Are you ready to listen without judgement, explore new situations or cultivate new skills?  Are you ready to stretch yourself and risk making mistakes so that you can learn? Are you ready to hold yourself accountable and be held accountable to your personal aspirations and goals?

If you can say yes to those questions then coaching could be exactly what you need.